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Discover our selection of portable coffee makers

At the sea, in the mountains, on a walk in the woods or in the car, drink your favourite coffee easily with your portable coffee maker
Our experts have selected the best portable coffee machines for you. Innovative coffee makers, simply transportable and ultra compact. Get a full-flavoured coffee as if you were at home, with a snap of the fingers! Enjoy your coffee without the hassle, wherever you are, thanks to intuitive and easy-to-use machines . Discover our other coffee makers here

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Which portable coffee machine to buy?

At MaxiCoffee, there is a wide range of portable and nomadic coffee machines from many brands renowned for their expertise in the coffee industry: AeroPress, HandPresso, Cafflano, Wacaco... We will help and guide you to choose the one that suits you best!

Nespresso portable coffee maker

Are you a fan of Nespresso capsules and don't want to do without them, even when you're on the move or travelling? No problem! We offer portable machines compatible with Nespresso capsules. They allow you to obtain a perfect extraction in no time, wherever you are.

Wacaco and Handpresso bring you this luxury on the move. Alone or as a complete pack with accessories, enjoy these little jewels. Some models are available in several colours to suit all tastes.

Whether you plug the machine into the lighter socket or inject pressure with a manual pump , you can obtain all types of coffee. Long coffee, short coffee, espresso... Making coffee is child's play. You don't even need a power supply to get your coffee. All you have to do is choose your next compatible capsules. The Handpresso Auto or the Minipresso are the machines you need.

Handpresso portable coffee maker

Handpresso makes your life easier when you're on the move or on your travels with its various portable machines. The French brand offers single machines, complete packs with accessories or separate accessories. Everything you need to drink coffee the way you like it, wherever you go!

With the Handpresso Auto or Truck, you can take coffee breaks all day long by simply filling the water tank, inserting your capsule into the machine and plugging it into your cigarette lighter. The day is done, you get hot water and freshly brewed coffee ! The Handpresso Pump allows you to prepare a coffee based on ground coffee or ESE pods with the simple manual pressure , without any electricity source. Even more practical when you want to take a coffee break in the countryside. They also offer you the luxury of consuming your own favourite ground coffee blends from all over the world.

Handpresso has designed packs that include the espresso machine, the adapter for your vehicle, pods/ground coffee, cups, an isothermal bottle and a carrying case! So you can take all your coffee essentials with you and store them easily among your belongings. Sometimes there is also a cup holder to avoid small accidents in the car.

Portable mini coffee maker

We offer a selection of mini portable coffee makers. They are even smaller and more compact than the others, and fit easily into your backpack! The Cafflano Kompact allows you to make espresso with great aromatic strength , or cold brew.

The Wacaco Picopresso is only 10 cm high and can be used without batteries or electricity . Insert the ground coffee of your choice (with a grind suitable for espresso) and get a delicious and strong tasting coffee.

At Barista & Co, discover the Twist Press: this travel coffee maker has a capacity of 2 cups and holds your ground coffee to give you a moment of joy wherever you want, whenever you want!

Why buy a portable coffee machine on MaxiCoffee?

At MaxiCoffee, you will have many benefits ! Find a wide selection of portable espresso machines with various options and features. Each of them has a very interesting price/quality ratio, because they are quality products at a good price.

Our selection also offers you the possibility to choose between ESE pods, Nespresso capsules, ground coffee or coffee beans! You won't have to make any concessions. If you choose a mobile coffee maker for ground coffee, you should also consider our wide range of manual coffee grinders so that you can grind your own coffee and enjoy a freshly ground coffee, which will make your coffee even better