Terres de Café 'Sweet expresso blend' coffee beans - 250g

  • Medium Roast
  • 100% Arabica
  • Notes of chocolate ganache & citruses
  • Roasted in France
  • 250g coffee beans

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The 'Sweet expresso blend'  by Terres de Café is a blend of the best Arabicas from Ethiopia, Peru and Brazil. For lovers of a balanced espresso with notes of chocolate ganache and a hint of citrus fruits. Artisan roast from France. 250g coffee beans.

Key Facts
  • Variety
    100% Arabica
  • Designation
  • Origin
    Brazil, Ethiopia, Peru
  • Roasting
    France (Artisan Roasters)
Roast Type - Dark
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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
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Aromatic group -  Red Berries
Dominant note
Red Berries
Secondary note
Rich & Sweet
Tasting notes :
  • Caramel
  • Blackberry
  • Molasse
N.B.: This is not a flavored coffee but notes noted during tasting
Red Berries Fermented Spices Woody Herb-like Floral Rich & sweet Citrus
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Aromatic Groups
Specialty Coffee -  Exceptional 
Score ≥ 80

Specialty Coffee : Among the best coffees in the world, from a terroir with a history and traceability. They represent less than 10% of the world's production and are assessed by professional tasters. These are flawless coffees that offer us unique tasting notes.

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Exceptional Coffee :  They reflect their terroir by guaranteeing a fairer supply chain, better traceability and an exceptional cup. With a score of over 80/100, these coffees are the gateway to specialty coffee.

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The Sweet Expresso Blend

A Brazil Sul de Minas for body, an Ethiopia Anfilloo for the fruit and character and a Peru Lacampina for finesse and elegance. This is what this Sweet Expresso Blend is made of, a blend to delight your tastebuds.

A gourmet nose with hints of ganache, a velvety texture and a slightly tinged citrus finish. A treat to be enjoyed at anytile of the day, especially with a lovely pastry.

Coffee, a family story for Terres de Café
The start of the history for Terres de Café goes back to 2009, when the first shop was born in the heart of the Marais quarters in Paris. The aim of the shop was to allow coffee lovers to (re) discover and appreciate all its subtleties.

Today, it is the same goal that pushes Terres de Café to surpass themselves to offer quality coffees.

For Christophe Servell, its founder, coffee is a real family story: his parents and grandparents were coffee roasters and that's how he gained the experience and know-how for his own company.


Terres de Café

Terres de Café

Terres de Café selects and roasts some of the most beautiful coffees in the world for the general public and professionals alike. They have a fine and contemporary vision of coffee, "à la française", based on their rich knowledge of coffee plantations, respect for the product, precision, freshness and taste.
Terres de Café considers coffee a sophisticated and high quality product, invoking intense pleasure with each cup.
Today, Terres de Café has 4 retail outlets in Paris and supplies top of the range coffee to 400 restaurants and businesses in the capital. It is now firmly rooted into the phenomenon of French "new wave coffee-roasters".

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