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Organic 'Millésime Tilleul des Baronnies' Linden Infusion - 20 individually-wrapped sachets - SCOP TI

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Brand :    1336 (SCOP TI)
SCOP TI's Organic 'Millésime Tilleul des Baronnies' Linden Infusion uses 100% natural ingredients. Made in France. An exceptional caffeine-free blend to enjoy at any time of day! 20 individually-wrapped sachets.

Main Caracteristics:

tea Family 
Famille Green Tea
Type of tea
Type No added flavours
aromes - -
Dominante Herbal
Origine Asia
Brewing guide
Temps   2-3 min
Tempeature   75°/ 90°C
Temps Day / Night


Asian green tea is an exceptional product that can be explained by many factors: very favorable climatic conditions, passionate producers, economic and social conditions that have allowed the development of a unique plantation. 

Why choose 1336 teas and infusions?

Because in addition to offering 100% natural teas and infusions1336 has a strong symbolic history that deserves to be supported!

"1336 is us, it's you, it's making the choice to be a citizen who dares to express himself and wants to move the lines.

This sentence greatly represents the state of mind of the founders and employees of the company "SCOP TI" who after 1336 days of struggle (against their former employer Unilever:  an Anglo-Dutch miltinational) to keep their work and preserve their factory in Gémenos, have launched the brand of teas and infusions "1336".


Find the symbolic history of 1336 here:


A brand that boasts "quality French manufacturing".

All 1336 products are made in France, in the Gémenos factory near Marseille. 1336 is the emblem of a historical struggle but also of a set of values that are central today: respect for workers, favouring partners and producers in the region. 


A brand dedicated to regenerating employment in France

One of SCOP TI's goals is to rebuild the Provençal agricultural sector, decimated by the relocation strategies of the large agro-food companies, and thus help small producers to make a living from their crops. 

"We live in a region rich in plants and spices, we must revitalise these "great gardens of Provence".

A great example to be followed!


1336 th�© fralib


A brand that is committed to the quality of its products 

SCOP TI and 1336's goal is to produce high quality 100% naturally flavoured drinks. 

Natural or flavoured infusions, green tea, high quality black tea1336 products have taste and character.

The recipes are created within the factory of Gémenos and the tastings resemble an oenology session to offer you an unforgettable tasting experience

Discover the wide range of 1336 teas and natural infusions on MaxiCoffee! 


1336 (SCOP-TI)

1336 is the equivalent to 3 years and 241 days…in other words, the length of the stand-off that took place between a little mouse (the employees of the Fralib factory) and a big elephant (the the Anglo-Dutch multinational company Unilever : the number 1 manufacturer of ice cream and tea in the world: Lipton, etc.).

A few kilometres from Marseille, employees fought to keep their jobs and factory open in Gémenos, which had been destined for closure. After raising their concerns during three consecutive summers, and following a 1336-day exemplary campaign, the ex-employees of Fralib finally won, taking over the SCOP-TI (Société Coopérative Ouvrière Provençale de Thés et d'Infusions) factory and launching the 1336 brand of teas and infusions. 

A symbolic brand of black teas and 100% naturally-flavoured infusions. All of the company's teas and infusions are manufactured in Gémenos, near Marseille, by around 60 employees from the SCOP-TI cooperative.

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