Kusmi Tea Glögg Organic Tea - 100g loose leaf tea

Brand :    Kusmi Tea
  • Organic Herbal Tea
  • Notes of Blackcurrant, Hibiscus and Spices
  • Caffeine-free
  • 100g loose leaf tea
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Discover this organic herbal tea with notes of blackcurrant, hibiscus and spices . This organic Glögg tea will warm you up in just a few sips and is best enjoyed by the fireplace with your loved ones. Your heart will melt this winter for Glögg: comfort coming straight from the north! 100 g loose leaf tea.

Main Characteristics:

Type of Tea
Famille Herbal Infusion
type of Infusion
Type Flavoured
aromes Hibiscus, Blackcurrant, Licorice
Dominante Spices
Origine --
Brewing Guide
Temps 5 min
Temperature 95°C
Temps Any time of day

Glögg bio - Kusmi Tea

Oh, the magic of Scandinavian Christmas! Imagine yourself somewhere in Scandinavia, where cold weather is commonplace and cinnamon biscuits are a must. But, what really brings warmth to these chilly countries is Glögg, a traditional spiced mulled wine—a traditional recipe that Kusmi has reinvented into a herbal tea. The tangy and spicy notes of the blend of hibiscus, blackcurrant, cinnamon, liquorice and cardamom are going to warm your heart on a cold dry sunny afternoon. Surprisingly, it can also be used in summer as an iced tea.

About Kusmi Tea

In keeping with its commitment to offering quality products, Kusmi Tea has gone organic. In 2020, its range is going organic and it's only natural, as it says so well. In 2020, all our black and herbal teas will become as organic as they are delicious, with a fully certified product line for all to enjoy.
The company already assures that almost all of its range of teas and infusions are certified organic and that it will make sure that it is irreproachable in the years to come.
Throughout the process, from sourcing to sales, the products are part of an environmentally responsible approach. Every ingredient is organically grown but still tested to meet the requirements of the organic certificate. As a result, it has brilliantly obtained the Ecocert certification, which it can proudly display on its pretty boxes of tea.

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Spices* (cinnamon*, cardamom*) (31%), grape* (19%), hibiscus* (14%), lemon peel* (13%), blackcurrant* (12%), licorice root*, natural cinnamon flavor, orange essential oil*. Contains licorice - those suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption. *Organically grown ingredients
Kusmi tea

Kusmi tea

Kusmi Tea is synonym of refined and organic teas. Enjoy a cup of Wellness tea, Classic tea or flavoured tea… choose your favorite blend or try something new!

Kusmi Tea Glögg Organic Tea - 100g loose leaf tea
Type of tea Infusion/Herbal Tea
Features Flavoured Teas/Infusions, Infusion / Herbal Tea
Dominant notes Spicy
EAN : 3585810078892
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  • 100g loose leaf tea
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