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Hario Mini Slim Plus coffee grinder

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Brand :    Hario
  • Manual grinder with hopper
  • Adjustable conical ceramic burrs
  • 50g hopper for coffee beans
  • Will grind up to 24g in container

The Hario Mini Slim Plus is a manual coffee grinder with adjustable conical ceramic burrs. The hopper can hold 50g of coffee beans and the smoked container below will take up to 24g of coffee grind. 

Ideal for Filter and Slow coffee brewing methods or manual espresso machines with pressurised filter baskets. Easy to store and carry around when traveling. 

The grind size is adjustable by simply turning the small wheel located on the lower part of the burrs.
The design makes it possible to remove the handle to  save space.
The reinforced stainless steel handle is fixed to the grinder by a hexagonal screw, stopping it from moving during the grinding process. 


Hario (meaning "King of Glass") is a Japanese company that has been specialising in tableware since 1921. Hario rapidly gained notoriety thanks to its range of teapots and famous vacuum coffee makers, also known as a "Syphon coffee makers".
Hario® is recognized by the greatest baristas as the best coffee 'filtering process' for taste: the company has made its mark as providing THE highest quality standards.

Hario Mini Slim Plus coffee grinder
Usage Home
Dominant colour(s) Black
Body material Plastic
Hopper capacity 50 grams
Ground tank capacity 24 g
Dimensions (WxDxH) 150 x 74 x 210 mm
Grinder type Manual
Grinder for... Filter & slow brewing methods
Burrs type Conical
Burrs material Ceramic
Adjustment By notches
EAN : 4977642707726
Hario Skerton Plus coffee grinder
  • Updated version of the Skerton
  • Thick glass jar for up to 100g grind
  • Antislip silicone surround
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Cafflano Krinder Coffee Grinder Black
  • Italian Metal-burr
  • 30g capacity
  • Espresso to pour-over
  • Extra Light Grinder
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Hario Skerton PRO coffee grinder
  • Improved version of the Hario Skerton
  • Hand grinder with conical ceramic burrs
  • To grind up to 100g of coffee
  • Anti-slip cover for stability
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Tiamo Fat coffee grinder in black
  • Airtight lid
  • Best for Slow Coffee, French Press, Cold Brew
  • Notches to adjust grind settings
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