Café Michel Organic Ground Coffee Bolivia - 250g

Brand :    Café Michel
  • 100% Organic Arabica (Bolivia)
  • Both tangy & gourmet notes
  • Well balanced coffee
  • Medium Roast from France
  • 250g ground coffee
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Café Michel organic ground coffee from Bolivia: a 100% Arabica from Bolivia. Certified as fairtrade (SPP label) & organic. This balanced coffee delivers both tangy and fruity notes of berries. For a beautifully rounded cup of coffee. 250g re-ground coffee

Main Characteristics:

Intensite Balanced Coffee
Variete 100% Arabica
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   France
cafe bio   Certified Organic


More About the Union Proagro Cooperative

UNION PROAGRO is a cooperative of 190 coffee producers in the Yungas of La Paz in Bolivia. This Amazonian slope of the Andes has been inhabited since the 1960s by the Aymara farmers of the Altiplano, driven by excessive land pressure and low agricultural potential. The challenge is to create a more sustainable agriculture that protects the remaining forest and preserves biodiversity with a tree cover for coffee and a variety of food crops.

The coffee farmers of Caranavi produce coffee under shade, according to the principle of agroforestry. There are many citrus fruits and plantains associated with the coffee, thus providing tropical fruits to the markets in the capital. Coffee producers have a hard time in Bolivia. In 2014 and 2015, a massive attack of rust (a fungus) destroyed nearly 70% of the coffee plants in the Caranavi area north of La Paz.

The spreading of rust fungus in Bolivia has halved production and has particularly destabilised the cooperatives. Local traders collected most of the coffee production and some cooperatives lost all their export capacity. Union Pro Agro has still maintained an activity with a few containers exported with the help of loyal buyers such as the Scop Café Michel | Terra Etica.
Café Michel

Café Michel

Café Michel was founded in Southwest France (Pessac). It was the first French coffee-roaster to develop organic fair trade coffees in specialist stores. Café Michel is also active in the chocolate, tea and organic fair trade sugar sectors. In 2016, Café Michel's café Congo-Colombie was awarded 1st prize for the Best Espresso Mix in France by the Comité Français du Café (French Coffee Committee).

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