Destination Nespresso® pods Fair Trade Espresso x 10

  • Dark Roast
  • Biodegradable Capsules
  • Nespresso® Compatible
  • 10 compostable pods
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Take your taste buds on a journey with these Organic Pure Arabica coffee capsules, ideal for preparing delicious, intense espressos with tangy notes. Box of 10 capsules by Destination.

Main Characteristics:

Intensite Strong Coffee
AppellationAfrica & South America
Variete 100% Organic Arabica
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction  France (Bordeaux)
cafe bio  Certified Organic


Destination Organic Pure Arabica Espresso Compostable Capsules

Try these coffee capsules with an intensity of 8/10. In a cup, it offers intense and round flavours with a delicate body. Its aromatic acidic notes bring a little thrill to the tasting.

Destination Compostable Biodegradable Capsules*

One of Destination's core values is its eco-responsible approach. This is why the brand's capsules are made of wood fibre, a recyclable and biodegradable material*. Say goodbye to non-recyclable waste and superfluous packaging. These capsules are not over-packaged, but do not lose their taste & flavours. They are designed to be airtight to preserve all the flavours and freshness of the coffee. These capsules are guaranteed GMO-free and aluminium-free.

The box, made of recycled cardboard, can be recycled in your yellow bin.

* Biodegradable and industrially compostable capsules, do not throw away in the nature.

Destination, French Know-how

This committed brand offers quality products that will satisfy all taste buds with a wide range of products. Each of their coffees is slowly roasted with a medium to dark roast in their roastery located in Bordeaux. Their artisanal roasting allows them to preserve the complex aromatic notes of their carefully selected grands crus.



Destination - sharing their Girondine expertise. For 10 years, their traditional roasting methods have been producing a large choice of organic and freshly roasted coffees, most are Fair Trade certified. Also discover a large selection of teas and powdered chocolates from the best territories, imported via short food supply chains and already gracing some of France's finest tables.Destination has become the market leader for organic products in France.

Destination Nespresso® pods Fair Trade Espresso x 10
Capsule materials Plant fiber
EAN : 3700110054715
Cafés Tchanqué Le Yulima Organic Coffee Beans - 250g
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Amadito - Peru Nespresso® Compatible Caspules x10
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Green Lion Coffee Monte Verde Nespresso® Compatible Capsules x 10
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Cafés Lugat Organic Ground Coffee Cafetales Cocla - 250g
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