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Cosmai Caffè 'Classic' capsules for Nespresso x 100

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Brand :    Cosmai Caffè
  • 60% Robusta and 40% Arabica
  • Very strong espresso with good crema
  • 10 boxes of 10 Nespresso-compatible capsules
  • Roasted in Italy using the 'Clean Air System'

'Classic' by Cosmai Caffè: a blend of 60% Robusta & 40% Arabica (India, Guatemala, Brazil, Tanzania). For a very strong, intense espresso with a good crema. 10 boxes of 10 Nespresso-compatible capsules. Roasted in Italy.

Cosmai Caffè promotes 'healthier' coffee. The brand uses a special coffee roasting process called the ' Clean Air System'. With this process, there is no direct contact between the green coffee beans and the heat source, eliminating the risk of a harmful combustion for the consumers. It also ensures a more uniform roasting, delivering better flavours.

The capsules can be composted once you have disposed of the foil separately.

Cosmai Caffè

Fabrizio Cosmai sums up the key to their roasting success in just a few words: product quality, quality consistency, listening to customers and competitive pricing. Every day, these simple principles allow Cosmai Caffè to win new customers in Italy and around the world.


Café Royal 'Vanilla' aluminium capsules for Nespresso x10
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Cafés Tchanqué Moulleau capsules for Nespresso x10
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