Cafés Lugat Coffee Beans Finca Gutierrez Wush Wush Grand Cru from Colombia - 125g

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88 / 100
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Brand :    Cafés Lugat
  • Light Roast
  • 100% Arabica (Colombia Wush Wush)
  • Notes lemon, physalis, cane sugar and rhubarb
  • Gamme Grand Cru
  • Roasted in France
  • 125g coffee beans
88 / 100
What's this?

These coffee beans come from the Gutierrez farm located in the Tolima region, West Colombia. This rare microlot is made of Wush Wush coffee beans, specifically roasted for slow coffee methods. It offers notes of lemon, physalis, cane sugar and rhubarb. A Grand Cru and specialty coffee. 125g coffee beans.

cafes lugat

Main Characteristics:

IntensiteBalanced Coffee
Appellation Microlot
Pays d'origine  Colombia
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction  France (Aquitaine)
Type de cafe100% Arabica
Variete botanique Wush Wush
Altitude Altitude 1800-2000M
Type de recolte Manual and Selective Harvest


A Closer Look at Appellations:

This coffee Finca Gutierrez Wush Wush is a Microlot.

  picto label A Label Coffee: a superior-quality coffee that corresponds to a certain coffee-growing region
picto terroir A Terroir Coffee: high-quality coffee, renowned for the distinctiveness of its soil
fleche picto micro-lot A Microlot:  a terroir coffee grown on a specific plot known for its exceptional quality and specific preparation

Find out more about the different appellations of specialty coffee on our blog.


What Lionel, Coffee Roaster at Cafés Lugat, Has to Say: 
avis torrefacteur

Lionel loves:

This blending of an Ethiopian variety and the Colombian terroir will offer you a unique filter coffee. A fresh cup with notes of lemon, rhubarb and honey.

picto ranking

88+ /100


About the Plantation:

The Gutierrez's farm is located at the heart of the Tolima region in Colombia! They produce two unique coffee varieties: the Geisha and the Wush Wush. Cultivated at 1800m to 2000m above sea level, the coffee trees enjoy a perfect microclimate.

The farm’s attention to detail includes harvesting coffee cherries at optimal ripeness and controlling fermentation for up to 36 hours, which leads to unique fruit characteristics in the cup. Coffee is dried on raised beds in a solar dryer built with a clear plastic roof allowing for airflow that maintains low temperatures during the drying process, which can take up to 25 days for Natural processed coffees. This specific drying method is called 'La Marquesina'.

The Gutierrez family has been cultivating coffee for more than 80 years. Newerley is the 5th generation of coffee producers and the 6th is already on the way!

Why is this Coffee a Grand Cru?

  • A fresh and smooth cup offering a delicate mouthfeel
  • An ancestral Ethiopian variety which florished on Colombian soil bringing out delicacy and sweetness.
  • A drying method called La Marquesina preventing over-fermentation for a clear and smooth cup

Geographical Location:


Cafés Lugat

Cafés Lugat boasts a team of enthusiastic young coffee roasters who select exceptional coffees and create irresistible recipes just for you. Through their range of coffee beans, ground coffees and Nespresso® compatible capsules, their mission is to bring you the unique flavour and aromas from the world's best coffee-producing areas!

Their passion for coffee has even won them awards. Marco, the brand's head roaster, was awarded the French Barista Championship title at the 2017 French Championships.

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