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Cafés Lugat Coffee Beans The Old Fashioned Traditional Blend - 250g

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Score : 83 / 100
What's this?
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Brand :    Cafés Lugat
  • Medium Roast
  • 90% Arabica/10% Robusta
  • Brazil/Guatemala/Congo/ India
  • Artisanally Roasted in France
  • Traditional Blend
Score : 83 / 100
What's this?

The "Old Fashioned" is a blend inspired by coffee enjoyed by our ancestors. For a strong and complex cup of coffee. It contains 90% Arabica & 10% Robusta. 4 coffees from different origins: Brazil, Guatemala, the Congo and India. Notes of chocolate and nuts. 250g coffee beans.

cafes lugat

Main Characteristics :

Intensite Strong Coffee
Appellation   Blend
Brazil - Guatemala - Congo - India
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   France (Aquitaine)
Type de cafe  90% Arabica
Type de cafe  10% Robusta
Altitude Altitude 1500-2000M
Type de recolte Manual and Selective Harvest
process Washed
process Natural

Find Out More About our Medium Roast:

This "special espresso" coffee has undergone a medium roast , which develops a generous body, powerful aromas and fullness in the mouth.

Meanwhile, our light roast coffees develop significant acidity and a more complex palette of aromas in the cup.

What Lionel, Coffee Roaster at Cafés Lugat Has to Say: 
avis torrefacteur

Lionel* loves :

- Its dark chocolate and nutty notes

- Its powerfull aromas

- Its think and dense crema

* The Coffee Scout (Cafés Lugat)

The Coffee Blend From Our Childhood : 

Lionel, Marco, Julien and Christophe from Cafés Lugat came up with blend made of 90% Arabica (from 3 different origins : Brazil, Guatemala, and Congo ) and of 10% Robusta (from India).

They were inspired by their memories of the coffee their grandparents used to drink to come up with this special blend, hence The Old Fashioned


The Story of Cafés Lugat :

Lionel Lugat is the legendary coffee roaster at MaxiCoffee . Over the years, he has surrounded himself with an expert team of coffee roasters.

This coffee specialist is also a judge in the French Coffee Championships and expert columnist for our coffee company! Lionel tells the story of Cafés Lugat and his passion for coffee roasting below.


Cafés Lugat

Cafés Lugat boasts a team of enthusiastic young coffee roasters who select exceptional coffees and create irresistible recipes just for you. Through their range of coffee beans, ground coffees and Nespresso® compatible capsules, their mission is to bring you the unique flavour and aromas from the world's best coffee-producing areas!

Their passion for coffee has even won them awards. Marco, the brand's head roaster, was awarded the French Barista Championship title at the 2017 French Championships.

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