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LaGrange - Le Clocher Comptois - 50g - Black Tea

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Brand :    La Grange
  • Black Tea
  • Loose Leaf 50g

Discover a fruity drink with blueberries. This delicious black tea will accompany you through the cold winter days. In an attractive 50 g tin

Main Caracteristics

type of tea
Famille Black Tea
Type Flavoured
aromes Blueberry
Dominante Fruity
Origine --
Brewing Guide
Temps 3-4 min
Temperature 80-90 °C
Temps Day

LaGrange - Le Clocher Comptois - Black Tea

This fruity black tea with blueberries is a delicious drink. Enjoy a hot cup after a walk or while reading your favourite book. To accompany a lemon-based dessert it is perfect.

Ingredients: Black tea, blackcurrant (2.25%), blackcurrant leaves, flavouring


The cylindrical tin  

The LaGrange cylindrical tin is as beautiful as it is practical. It protects your tea from the light and keeps all its flavours and freshness.

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La Grange

La Grange is a small artisan coffee roaster based in Marnay in France. Passionate about his work, the manager, Vincent Ballot, became 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France' (Best French craftsman) in the coffee roaster category in 2018. Discover La Grange coffee beans and ground coffee.

LaGrange - Le Clocher Comptois - 50g - Black Tea
Feature Flavoured Teas/Infusions
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