Bialetti New Moka Induction Coffee Pot Red - 4 cups

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Brand :    Bialetti
  • Capacity: 200ml / 4 cups
  • Bi-layer Technology
  • Stainless steel & Aluminium
  • Suitable for Induction Hobs
Capacity 4 cups

Bialetti New Moka Induction suitable for induction hobs and any other heat sources. 200ml capacity (4 cups). Bi-layer technology: stainless steel outer and internal aluminium layer. With Bialetti self-cleaning security valve. A stylish stovetop coffee maker from Italy. 

Cafetière italienne bialetti moka induction

Bialetti New Moka Induction : Tradition Meets Innovation

For over 80 years, the Moka stovetop coffee maker by Bialetti has been a symbol of elegance and simplicity. Since the 50s, Moka coffee (very similar to an espresso), has become one of the most popular Italian coffees.
With its new range of Moka Pot suitable for induction hobs, Bialetti combines tradition and modernity.
Leader in the market of Italian stovetop coffee makers, the Bialetti brand offers you a guaranteed quality. The Italian coffee maker also built the reputation of the brand based on their original design.
The handle on the Moka Induction is simple and elegant. It ensures security and optimal grip.
Bi-layer technology for perfect coffee: the outer steel layer of the boiler ensures operation even on induction hobs, while the internal aluminum layer ensures even heat distribution. Like the coffee of the classic Moka: the aluminium binder, the material of which the classic Moka is made, combined with the bi-layer boiler ensures a coffee and pleasant as the coffee prepared with the traditional Moka.


Choose the right coffee for your Moka Induction! Check out the Bialetti coffees and discover our range of  Cafés Lugat Moka Pot Coffee Grind , artisanally roasted in France.

PLEASE NOTE : A small pot on a larger induction plate will generate less power. Therefore, the induction element may not activate nor function properly if the cookware is too small.


The popular brand Bialetti began in Italy. In 1933, Bialetti released its first Moka Pot. Thanks to that product, Bialetti has become among the most known brands in the world. Thanks to the high standard of their products and by combining their advanced technology and style, they manufacture kitchen utensils which are easy to use, functional and simply beautiful : simply gorgeous.

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Bialetti New Moka Induction Coffee Pot Red - 4 cups
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Cleaning Dishwasher not advised
EAN : 8006363029254
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