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Baristator 58mm coffee distributor

Brand :    Baristator
  • Coffee distributor
  • 356g weight
  • 58mm diameter
  • Adjustable height
  • Stainless steel base with aluminium support
Not available anymore This product has been discontinued See more from category
Baristator high-precision 58.6mm tamper with red wooden handle
  • 58.6mm diameter
  • Designed by Champion Barista
  • Flat bottom base
  • Professional tamper made in Italy
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  • In stock, dispatched within 48h
Joe Frex Tamper in Aluminium Massiccio - 53mm
  • Base: flat
  • Diametre: 53mm
  • Material: aluminium
  • Weight: 180g
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Bezzera Rosewood Tamper Stainless Steel - 58mm
  • Diametre : 58 mm
  • Handle: Wood
  • Base: Flat Stainless Steel
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  • FREE delivery
  • In stock, dispatched within 48h
LELIT Stainless steel tamper - 58.55mm
  • Tamper with 58.55mm diameter flat base
  • Stainless steel
  • Weight: 438.2g
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  • In stock, dispatched within 48h

The Baristator coffee distributor was designed with the know-how of barista champions &  with the technical quality of the Baristator brand. It was also used by Marco Da Sousa during his victory at the French Barista Championship. Stainless steel base. 58mm diameter.

The height of the Baristator coffee distributor can be easily adjusted with the two threads that allow you to increase or decrease the depth if penetration in the stainless steel base.

The edge is designed to be in contact with the filter basket and therefore serves as a reference.

This barista tool works very simply thanks to 3 waves with rounded angles for optimal distribution and above all, not sticking to the grind at all. No loss of coffee.

Once positioned, simply rotate and remove it so your grind is distributed and levelled. But know that it completes the use of a tamper. It does not replace it.

The Baristator Distributor has been developed for professional diameter filters (58mm).



Baristator is the must-have brand for baristas in search of perfection. Its accessories are manufactured in Italy and have been developed in close collaboration with recognised barista champions. These quality products are now available to the general public. We have selected the best models and exclusive offers just for you.

Baristator 58mm coffee distributor
Diameter 58 mm
Base material Stainless steel
Shape of base Flat
Handle material Aluminium
Dominant colour(s) Black
Weight 0.3678 Kg
A MaxiCoffee Product A MaxiCoffee Product
EAN : 3700809373677