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Banania Organic Dolce Gusto® pods x 12 servings

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Brand :    Banania
  • Banania Organic Intense Hot Chocolate
  • Compatible with Nescafe® Dolce Gusto®
  • Box of 12 capsules

Discover Banania's organic hot chocolate recipe in a Dolce Gusto pods compatible with Dolce Gusto machines. A unique hot chocolate with notes of bananas! Now so easy to make! 16 capsules for 12 servings.


Sugar*, skimmed milk powder* 20%, lactoserum powder 13,7%, cocoa powder 13%, barley malt extract*, salt, natural aromas, banana flakes* 0,15%, extruded corn*, extruded rice*, honey*

*Certified Organic


It was during a trip to Nicaragua that the journalist Pierre-François Lardet discovered a drink made out of banana flour, cocoa, crushed grain and sugar. On his return, he founded the Banania company and reproduced the traditional recipe, which is how the tasty Banania chocolate drink became part of the French morning routine!

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