The Best Ground Coffee for Your Coffee Maker

The Best Ground Coffee for Your Coffee Maker

Which is the best ground coffee to use when brewing coffee with a Moka Pot, a French Press, or a Chemex for example?

For my part, I have been disappointed by the result of my coffee and it is perhaps for the same reason that you are looking for information today ;)

At MaxiCoffee, I’m able to test many brewing techniques and I regularly switch from one coffee maker to another: from the French Press to the Chemex, from the Moka Pot to an espresso machine!

However, I quickly realised that when I used the same ground coffee for all these coffee makers, I didn’t get the same result, nor a suitable taste for most of them.

I first ruled out the obvious reasons (bad coffee or stale coffee, wrong water temperature, wrong quantity, etc). Even though I only used quality coffee, freshly roasted and ground, I still didn’t get the coffee cup I desperatly needed :(

If, like me, you don’t always get the expected result in your cup, here are some tips to help you.

best ground coffee

Which Ground Coffee for Which Equipment?

Each coffee maker requires a different grind of coffee.

Let’s use two of our five senses to discover the different grind sizes: sight and touch.

After a few tries, you will quickly become familiar with the fineness. I have played the game myself to illustrate the differences in fineness depending on the equipment you have.

But be aware that :

  • With a coarse grind, the water flows too quickly and it won’t have time to soak up the coffee’s aromas. This is called under-extraction: the result in the cup will be very diluted, with an extremely low aromatic intensity. In the jargon, we call this … sock juice!
  • If the water flows too slowly, the grind is too fine and the result will be overloaded with aromas. This is called over-extraction: the result in the cup will be extremely concentrated and will develop a very strong bitterness.


Grinding Coffee for a Manual Espresso Machine

The manual espresso machine achieves the fastest coffee extraction: between 20 and 30 seconds only!

The contact time between the water and the coffee is therefore short: it is therefore important to ensure that the water does not flow too quickly, so that it has time to absorb the aromas. This is why you need a very fine grind, which will slow down the speed of the water flow and allow the entire coffee cake to be moistened. To give you an idea, the grind is very fine, but leaves few fingerprints (photo).

If you have a manual espresso machine, I strongly advise you to get a grinder (electric or manual). In addition to a fine and homogeneous grind, a freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee is much better!


quel café choisir pour un expresso

Which Ground Coffee for Moka Pot?

The coffee brews more slowly in Italian coffee makers than in a manual espresso machine (in the order of a few minutes).

In addition, because of its atypical operation, the Italian coffee maker requires a fine grind, which is nevertheless coarser than that used for espresso. Some specialist Italian roasters, such as Bialetti or Vergnano, offer coffees specially ground for this coffee maker.

My suggestion for the Moka Pot:

Bialetti New Venus Induction ‘R’ Moka Pot

Bialetti Venus, l'une des meilleures cafetières italiennes

Designed by Guido Bergna (famous designer of domestic objects), the Italian Venus coffee maker seduces with its soft and elegant shapes. Very functional, it has a non-drip spout to facilitate the serving of coffee. Made of high quality stainless steel, it is dishwasher safe. One of the best value for money on the market.

How to Grind Coffee for a Filter Coffee Maker?

Finally, let’s talk about (electric) filter coffee makers. Depending on the water diffusion system, the coffee brewing time is generally between 3 and 5 minutes.

This means that you need a grind size that allows the water to circulate, but still allows the coffee’s aroma to penetrate. This is why I advise you to choose a medium-fine grind.

A little tip to find out if your grind is suitable: compare it to sugar crystals, they are roughly equivalent in size.

café moulu

My filter coffee maker suggestion:

Melitta Look V Timer filter coffee maker

café moulu pour cafetiere filtre electrique

A compact and stylish machine with technology to serve your coffee. The aroma selector allows you to switch from a classic drip system to a spray for more aroma. The timer function is ideal for morning coffee. The coffee aromas are perfectly preserved with this coffee maker.

The Ideal Grind for Piston Coffee Machines and Slow Coffee

And finally, a little focus on two types of equipment that are becoming more and more widespread: piston coffee makers (French Press) and SlowCoffee carafes (Chemex, D-Kanta, Hario V60 …).

With these coffee makers, the brewing time of the coffee is between 4 and 5 minutes.

Thus, for these extraction methods, the water flows more quickly: a fairly coarse grind should therefore be used. Don’t be afraid of an uneven and deliberately coarse grind.

Also, be careful: a grind that is too fine :

  • Will make your coffee more bitter.
  • And, in the case of the piston coffee maker, the coffee will pass through the filter and end up in your cup!

cafe moulus

My Slow Coffee suggestion:

The Chemex

When you think of a gentle method, you immediately think of Chemex. And for good reason, it’s the star of the Slow Coffee world. It is THE coffee maker for enjoying a smooth coffee. It offers us a very smooth coffee close to an infusion with an unequalled aromatic power. It is really the ideal preparation for drinking coffee after a meal.

Which is the Best Ground Coffee to Choose?

That’s it! You now have all the information you need to grind your coffee properly. Now it’s time to put it into practice!

If you do not yet have a coffee grinder at home, there are obviously pre-ground coffee products adapted to each preparation.

Unfortunately, few brands communicate on the fineness of grind that you will find in the packet of coffee.

This is why at MaxiCoffee we have chosen to offer you different grinds depending on your coffee maker.

Find the perfect grind in the filters offered according to the preparation you have chosen.
Find all our ground coffees here!

But don’t forget that it’s also the freshness of your coffee that reveals all its aromas. So always choose a freshly roasted and ideally freshly ground coffee ;) We hope you enjoy it!

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