Tassimo pods: discover a world of flavours!

Tassimo pods: discover a world of flavours!

Calling all Tassimo coffee machine owners: MaxiCoffee is the place to go to buy Tassimo pods!
Consider us your one-stop shop for coffee, cappuccino/lattétea and gourmet drinks.
Thanks to the Tassimo T-Disc system, you can go straight from pouring a Grand’Mère espresso to fixing the perfect Maxwell House caramel latte macchiato, or even quenching your thirst with a lovely Twinings mint tea – all in the blink of an eye!

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Read on for a quick rundown of the different flavours available at MaxiCoffee.com, but get ready to be spoiled for choice!

Tassimo pods: our selection of coffees

tassimo pods coffee espresso classic carte noireIf you like to wake up to a long coffee, check out the Grand’Mère Petit Dej’ or the Carte Noire “Petit Déjeuner XL” Tassimo pods. The perfect way to start the day!
For cappuccino and latte lovers, the Café au Lait Tassimo pods are just the ticket (they’ve certainly got the seal of approval from our team). Our other favourite is the Maxwell House cappuccino and choco.
Meanwhile, if you prefer to keep things nice and simple, look no further than L’Or Espresso Classic.
And there’s a whole lot more besides! Visit MaxiCoffee.com to discover our full range of Tassimo pods.

Tassimo T-discs: our selection of gourmet drinks

tassimo t-discs milka hot chocolateOur selection of sumptuous gourmet drinks are perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth!
From the famous Suchard Hot Chocolate to the Milka hot chocolate, these Tassimo pods are super-indulgent and – it goes without saying – super-delicious.
Once you’ve tasted them, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave us your review here, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter.
And while you’re at it, why not send us a photo of your coffee break, or share your favourite things about coffee or other hot drink preferences? :-)

Tassimo pods: our selection of teas

tassimo pods tea twiningsLast but not least, now is the time to check out our fantastic range of Tassimo tea pods?
Fans of black tea can choose between the afternoon blend and the world famous Earl Grey.
Or if you’re more of a green tea person, then you’ll love this mint tea.
All three are made by Twinings.
Happy tasting! And be sure to pop in from time to time to check out our what’s new – we’re receiving new varieties all time!

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