A guide to Senseo coffee pods: what is available right now?

A guide to Senseo coffee pods: what is available right now?

Senseo coffee pod machines allow you to get freshly brewed coffee in no time at all, by just pressing a button.

The cost of a SENSEO® machine is rather affordable compared to many other coffee makers and the use of soft coffee pods made of traditional filter paper (no plastic used) all mean it is a popular option in many homes. However, there is now so much choice between Senseo’s own pods and compatible ones , it becomes hard now to decide what to buy!

I have decided to help you find your way around the different Senseo pods we have on MaxiCoffee.com. Discover other brands of compatible soft pods, including organic and flavoured options. I’ve tried to cover it all for you. Let’s get started!

Senseo original coffee pods

When they released their coffee machines, Senseo offered a range of soft coffee pods to go along with them. With time, the choice of Senseo own pods expanded to please a wider audience. Senseo uses the same kind of classic filter paper you would get for your electric drip filter coffee maker.

Although the brand states that the paper part of their pods is ‘not yet recyclable’, it is still more eco-friendly than using plastic capsules. And if you are keen on doing your bit for the planet, each pod can easily be torn open to empty the coffee grounds for composting or gardening purposes, then just place the left-over paper in your bin.

Here are 3 soft coffee pods by Senseo you may want to consider.

Senseo pod extra long classic podsSenseo Extra Long Classic

If you need a big mug of coffee first thing in the morning, this one is for you! The Senseo Extra Long Classic delivers a balanced coffee, enough to wake you up gently! Just place your pod in the holder and press the ‘2 cups’ button.

Senseo pod Kenya coffee podsSenseo Kenya

Senseo Kenya is a blend of Arabica from (you may have guessed already…) the fertile land of Kenya. It will offers you an aromatic espresso with a pleasant intensity. Perfect to share with your guests after a good lunch.

Senseo pod Cappuccino podsSenseo Cappuccino

Sometimes you need a little treat… The Senseo Cappuccino pods bring you a coffee with balanced intensity, topped with a smooth creamy froth. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top for an extra treat!  To be used with the 2 cups older.

Senseo-compatible coffee pods

Coffee brands soon realised the potential with Senseo and started to produce their own soft coffee pods, all designed for Senseo machines. It is a good thing for consumers. It means you are not tied to just one brand for your coffee and you get to sample a bigger variety of drinks in a soft pod format.

The other good news is that even artisan coffee roasters (not just giant corporations) have managed to create soft pods for Senseo using their own small coffee productions. Coffee roasted by artisans may be a little bit more expensive than mainstream brands but you get to sample something special, created by a small team of people who really do love their coffee.

I have picked 3 products from small and big brands for you.


Senseo pod Café Royal selection pack for Senseo

Café Royal

Café Royal is a well-known brand of coffee from Switzerland. With 65 years experience and a team of only 560 people, the quality of their products and their modern approach have made Café Royal a brand to watch out for! This selection pack contains 4 coffees from their range, a total of 144 coffee pods for Senseo at a good price.


Senseo pods Les Petits Torréfacteurs Selection Pack for Senseo

Les Petits Torréfacteurs

Les Petits Torréfacteurs is a collective of artisan coffee roasters from the South West of France with a common passion: the quest for good coffee. Their selection pack contains 4 exclusive blends you won’t be able to find in the shops. 72 coffee pods to sample at home with your Senseo machine.


Senseo pods Café Liegois pods for Senseo

Café Liégeois

Café Liégeois is a Belgian family business created in 1955 by Charles Liégeois. 3 generations have followed each other to keep roasting  coffee the traditional way. This Café Liégeois selection pack contains 4 coffees with mild to strong intensity, including 1 decaffeinated option for Senseo.


Senseo-compatible pods: the organic choice

You can now find organic coffee (certified for having been produced without chemical fertilizers or pesticides) for your Senseo machine. Organic coffees from the EU are clearly labelled with the EU green leaf organic logo.

If you are after Senseo organic coffee pods, look no further…

Senseo pods Carte Noire Bio Organic coffee pods for Senseo

Carte Noire Bio

Carte Noire is one of the biggest French brands of coffee, producing around 27000 tons each year. Their new range focuses on organic coffee. Carte Noire BIO for Senseo is a 100% Arabica from organic plantations in Honduras. A balanced, delicate coffee with fruity & floral notes. It is also UTZ certified.

Senseo pods Destination organic coffee pods for Senseo

Destination organic range

All Destination products are 100% organic, GMO-free, chemical-free, preservative-free, with no colour additives and no taste enhancers. The brand has become the market leader for organic products in France. Discover 5 of their best coffees in this special pack for Senseo machines. A total of 180 soft pods.

Senseo pods Terramoka organic & biodegradable pods for Senseo

TerraMoka organic & biodegradable

If you are really concerned about the planet, TerraMoka ticks all the boxes! This French brand has managed to make Senseo-compatible pods that are not only organic but also biodegradable. Even the packet is compostable! ‘Monsieur Albert’ is a grand cru Arabica from Peru. 1 pack of 16 pods for Senseo.

Now for something a little bit different!

You’d like a break from your regular espresso? How about flavoured coffee pods for your Senseo machine? For those of you worried about sugar, please note that these pods are flavoured, not sweetened. There are a lovely treat to delight your guests after a good meal or just to share with a slice of cake in the afternoon. You will find many flavours to choose from and here are my top 3.

Senseo pods Maple syrup and walnut flavoured coffee pods for SenseoMaple syrup & walnut coffee pods

Maple syrup & walnut is one of many lovely flavours created by Les Petits Torréfacteurs for Senseo machines. It is one of my favourite pods! Enjoy a balanced espresso combined with all the lovely aromas from maple syrup and walnut. Created by artisan coffee roasters in France.

Senseo pods Chocolate Cookie flavoured coffee pods for SenseoChocolate Cookie coffee pods

Columbus Café & Co is a French chain of coffee shops. They have designed a range of coffee products so their customers can enjoy the coffee shop experience at home. Their flavoured coffee options are a real delight! These Chocolate Cookie pods for Senseo are no exception!

Senseo pods English black tea pods for SenseoEnglish black tea pods

My wild card: this is not coffee but something unusual in the wide range of flavours available for Senseo: black tea pods! A new way of making tea by Café Liégeois. A natural black tea ideal for breakfast. A good alternative for friends who’d like some tea!

Senseo pods, Make your own

Melitta Padfilter 'Make your own Senseo pods'


This is the way forward if you want to save money and take a more eco-friendly approach with your Senseo coffee machine.

Thanks to Melitta, you can pick your favourite ground coffee and really decide what to fill your Senseo coffee pods with. Endless options are suddenly available: more organic coffees, specialty coffees, coffees from brands…

The Melitta Padfilter pack contains 2 permanent coffee pods compatible with Senseo model HD7800 to HD7842. They are easy to use and dishwasher-safe. Just pop them open to refill and empty. No more paper to worry about, only coffee grounds you can recycle or compost!


I hope this blog article will help you see a bit clearer in the vast selection of Senseo coffee pods!

One final tip before I go: I always lightly pre-wet my Senseo pod before switching the machine on. It gives coffee a chance to pre-infuse and eliminates the slight taste of paper, giving you a much better cup of coffee in the end. Try it and you will never look back! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Happy tasting!

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