Nespresso® capsules compatible Handpresso Auto : our test and review

Nespresso® capsules compatible Handpresso Auto : our test and review

We have tried the Handpresso Auto compatible with Nespresso® capsules, , not in a car but in our video room, using an adapter. Why an adapter ? That’s because this Handpresso Auto is a travel espresso coffee maker that plugs into a 12/24v cigarette-lighter.

Handpresso Auto Capsules Nespresso

Advantages of using the Handpresso Auto compatible with Nespresso capsules

Perfect to be used in your car

This travel espresso coffee maker is ideal for people who spend a lot of time driving, stuck in a car.
The Handpresso Auto compatible with Nespresso® capsules has a cigarette-lighter adapter and its diameter is made to fit in a cup holder so you can easily secure it in your car.

The choice of coffee and hygiene

The advantage of this Handpresso Auto compared to others is of course the fact that it is compatible with Nespresso® capsules. You will find a large choice in this range with official capsules as well as Nespresso® compatible capsules. It saves you from having messy coffee grounds everywhere in your car and you can just pop a capsule for great coffee on the go.

Coffee in a small capsule is a clean and hygienic option. After use, all you need to do is dispose of your capsule in a special bin.


A digital monitoring screen lets you follow the progress of your espresso : you can see when you need to add water, the Nespresso-compatible capsule and when to start. Preparation time is indicated in percentages, allowing you to check the progress. When your coffee is ready, the screen shows you it is time to flip the Handpresso machine around so coffee can be extracted. It is a simple process : just press on the “cup” button. It just takes 2 minutes for your espresso to be ready and enjoyed !

A LED security system will flash red if you have put too much water.

Good to know

The Handpresso Auto can only make short coffees (around 50 ml). Its water tank cannot take a bigger quantity of water.

You can get Handpresso glasses , especially made to fit the diameter of the Handpresso Auto, so the crema remains intact during the extraction process and to avoid splashes.

My expert opinion

Set complet handpresso auto capsules nespresso


This Handpresso coffee maker is truly made for car journeys so you can easily enjoy a good Nespresso® coffee.
Easy to use, quick and intuitive, this Handpresso Auto compatible with Nespresso® capsules has really seduced me. Its digital monitoring screen makes it very simple to use and its Anti-spray nozzle is an extra innovation for this range of products.

Visit to discover this Handpresso Auto compatible with Nespresso® capsules and its complete set.

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