Kusmi Tea Has Arrived on Maxicoffee!

Kusmi Tea Has Arrived on Maxicoffee!

I was so excited when Kusmi Tea arrived on MaxiCoffee a couple of months ago! As a tea lover, I am a big fan of this high-end tea brand offering great flavourful teas and beautiful designs.

Kusmi’s story began in 1867 when Pavel Kousmichoff founded the tea house in St.Petersburg. Kusmi quickly became successful and began to be a favorite of the tsars!

Bought in 2003 by the Orebi family, Kusmi became Kusmi tea and was launched on the international market.

Every tea is now produced and packed in France in Normandy and is distributed in over 100 boutiques across the world.

Just like many of us, I discovered Kusmi Tea while opening one of my Christmas presents. I received one of their famous tea selection boxes but I’ve always wanted to explore more of their range and Holiday time is always the best time for this!

As you can imagined, I’ve tried a lot of them so without further ado, here’s my selection!

My Review of Kusmi Tea

First off, I didn’t want to miss out on their bestseller, Anastasia. But I wanted to try their White Tea version which became my favourite: White Anastasia.

To celebrate the anniversary of their iconic tea, Kusmi Tea switched to white tea instead of black tea. You can still find the powerful aromas of the traditional Earl Grey tea but revived with lovely lemon and blossom flowers notes. I really appreciated a more subtil and delicate tea, ideal to drink throughout the day.

Kusmi tea white anastasia white tea

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Another beautiful surprise was the AquaExotica, it was my ultimate summer tea!

You can drink this herbal tea all day and even in the evening since it’s caffeine-free. However, I really prefered it during the afternoon in its iced version! It became the perfect iced tea to sip by the pool.


kusmi tea aquaexotica exotic fruit, hibiscus and apple

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One Does Not Simply Drink Ginger Tea!

Ginger-based teas are my favourite teas. Not just because it’s the wintery tea par excellence but also because it’s just so good and healthy for my stomach! Ginger tea is a classic and as a classic it can become a little unexiciting sometimes or hard to find the right one for you: too gingery? not enough ginger or just too bland? too spicy?

That’s why I really loved Kusmi’s ginger teas, especially their Boost blend:

It is perfect to give you that little kick you need in the morning. This Green Tea blend with Mate, Ginger (yes!!) and Cinnamon is perfect to offer you a tea with balanced aromas and spices. Plus, if like me you are a fan of mate, you’ll be in heaven!

Kusmi tea mate green tea and spices

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Finally, I couldn’t skip Kusmi Tea’s version of the classic Ginger Lemon tea.

Kusmi Tea’s blend is refreshing and slightly spicy which I very much enjoyed. You can easily drink it iced or hot depending of the season which is a big plus for me.

Kusmi tea ginger lemon green tea

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Relaxing Teas

Now more then ever it is time to dive into ways of relaxing and mine is to go for soothing teas. Kusmi tea’s blend Feel Zen is perfect for that. It is a Roiboos with Apple and Cinnamon flavours making it the perfect tea to relax as the sun goes down.

However, during the day, especially after lunch, I will go for a Jasmine Green Tea, to help me relax and stay awake at the same time. ;)

As usual, you can drink them either iced or hot, perfect for any time of the year!

Kusmi Tea feel zen rooibos, orange toffee

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Tea Selection Packs for Beginners

If you are still hesitating on trying Kusmi Tea, I would advise on getting one of their tea selections to properly discover the range of Kusmi Tea.

It’s always hard to decide on which product of a brand to try when you don’t know anything about them. What I usually do is to try their selection and see if I like it! The good news is that Kusmi Tea is very good at selections and gift boxes :)

Kusmi Tea offers you a large range of gift sets and tea selections boxes with loose leaf teas or tea sachets. The one I would go for is the Essential tea selection where you can try 5 different flavours with tea sachets before deciding on buying the one Kusmi tea!

Kusmi tea essential selection

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Here is my Kusmi Tea selection!

It is of course a small part of Kusmi Tea’s range and I can only advise you on checking out our whole selection on MaxiCoffee.com. I am sure that you will find the perfect tea for you or for your loved one!

Enjoy your cuppa, take care of yourself and see you very soon on Maxicoffee!

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