Dolce Gusto pods: the compatible pods option

Dolce Gusto pods: the compatible pods option

Dolce Gusto coffee machines owners, a full range of compatible pods are available at MaxiCoffee. You asked for it, and your wish is our command!


Why do we love these Dolce Gusto compatible pods? 


It’s all about giving you the widest choice possible by offering an alternative to the original pods that are already available on the market. We’ve now got a different variety to suit every taste ‒ the choice is yours :-)

And the cherry on the cake? Some of the compatible pods cost less but taste just as good (trust us, we’ve tested them!).


Overview of our Dolce Gusto compatible pods


If you’re keen to find out more, read on for the lowdown on our compatible pods… The rest is up to you: who knows, you may even stumble upon your new favourite coffee!


Dolce Gusto pods for coffee addicts


For anyone who simply can’t function without coffee (we know how you feel), here is a range of compatible pods designed especially for you.


Starbucks Dolce Gusto pods Caramel latte macchiato

Starbucks dolce gusto pods caramel latte macchiato

Carte Noire Breakfast coffee pods for Dolce Gusto

Carte noir Dolce gusto pods breakfast coffee

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Dolce gusto pods Caffè Corsini Gran Riserva Decaffeinated coffee

Caffé Corsini grand riserva decaffeinated coffee

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Café Royal milky coffee pods for Dolce Gusto

dolce gusto pods café royal café au lait coffee with milk

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Dolce Gusto pods Caffè Vergnano Cremoso

Dolce gusto pods Caffé Vergnano Cremoso

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Pellini ‘Bio’ organic coffee pods for Dolce Gusto


Dolce Gusto pods Pellini organic coffee

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Dolce Gusto pods for chocolate addicts


And there’s no need for all you chocolate fanatics to feel left out. With the hot chocolate compatible pod, making a delicious hot chocolate is as easy as ABC!

Café Royal Kids chocolate pods for Dolce Gusto


Dolce gusto pods café royal kids chocolate

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Dolce Gusto pods Columbus Café & Co White hot chocolate

colombus café hot white chocolate doce gusto pods

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Enjoy tasting this new range of drinks !

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  • Premon? says:

    With the coronavirus, the delivery in the uk do the products come from the uk or will there be border problems.
    I live in the uk

    • Catherine says:

      Hello, you can order, there is no problem at the border. Thank you for your interest!

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