Discover Cafés Lugat’s Grands Crus Coffee Beans

Discover Cafés Lugat’s Grands Crus Coffee Beans

Are you ready to know more about Cafés Lugat’s Grands Crus? A new selection of coffee beans has arrived on MaxiCoffee!

Cafés Lugat: a Dedicated Team of Coffee Roaters

About Cafés Lugat

First of all, the people at Cafés Lugat are a French team of passionate coffee roasters who work everyday to come up with the best roasts for the best specialty coffees!
They carefully select each coffee and roast the finest lots from the latest coffee harvests. These artisans always pursue the perfect aromatic profile for each coffee in roasting these coffees in specific ways.

Their commitment

Cafés Lugat doesn’t just seek quality. Indeed, they also work towards social commitment and fair trade with the coffee producers.
Cafés Lugat’s Specialty Coffees are also about helping local communities and empowering small cooperatives of coffee producers in their quest for quality and sustainability.

cafés lugat coffee beans moka bishan fugu

coffee beans cafés lugat moka bishan fugu grand cru

Grands Crus Coffees

The Grands Crus Range by Cafés Lugat

Cafés Lugat only offers Specialty Coffee: these coffees have been awarded a grade of 80/100 or above based of the Specialty Coffee Association‘s scoring method. These grades are based on clear set standards regarding flavours, acidity, body, balance, and defects.

So what are Grands Crus coffees ?

Grands crus coffees are specialty coffees. This new coffee range by Cafés Lugat regroups their very best coffees. For example, they can be microlots; limited quantity coffees coming from smaller farms but with specific particularities that make them unique. Indeed, these coffees have received more care and optimal growing conditions on exceptional locations. Their quality is outstanding and microlots usually receive the top grade in Specialty Coffee.


Furthermore, these grands crus coffees are roasted in small batches at a time. You will be able to know all about these coffees’ information directly on the bag:

  • All the indications about their origin
  • Their treatment: harvest, process, etc.
  • Aromas’ description
  • A precise roasting date
  • The type of roast which will help you choose a suitable extraction method (very light roast, light, medium, or dark roast)


How are these grands crus coffees selected?

These coffees have to meet various set standards to fit the Specialty Coffees appellation first and then to fit in the Cafés Lugat’s range of grands crus:

  • They have exceptional aromatic profiles.
  • This coffee must be cultivated in a specific location that allows for the best conditions.
  • They must be cultivated by coffee roasters or by a cooperative that commits to respecting the culture and the environment where these coffee grow.
  • The process used can be traditional to the producing country (dry process with African beds for Ethiopia or Marquesina bed for Colombia, for example) or the process can be experimental such as macro oxygenation process or a malolactic process.
  • Rare or endemic varieties were used.
  • It is a microlot, that is a coffee that was cultivated on a specific plot offering unique results in the cup.
  • This coffee comes from a specific terroir.

The different type of roast

The type of roast used for each coffee is a thought process of its own. A roast that does not fit the profile of a coffee can alter the coffee’s aromas and waste the flavours of these unique coffees.

Therefore, Cafés Lugat always make sure to adapt the type of roast according to the coffee’s profile in order to enhance each coffee in the best way possible:

With Cafés Lugat’s Grands Crus, you can find:

  • Very light roasts which can be used to obtain a slight acidic profile in order to highlight subtle floral notes. These types of delicate notes can be completely burnt with darker roasts. Very light roasts are therefore perfect for Slow Coffee methods such as filter extraction.
  • Light roasts which reveal fruity notes (lemon, yellow fruits and berries). Just like with very light roasts, light roast are preferred with Slow coffee methods. However, some coffee lovers like to use light roasts for their espresso for a little bit of acidity in the cup.
  • Medium roasts, which are perfect for espressos. You can also use them with filter if you tend to like full-bodied coffees with less acidity. Indeed, with this roast, you not only lower the acidity but you also gain sweetness. You end up with a balanced coffee, perfect for any coffee lover!

This new range of unique coffee beans by Cafés Lugat has just arrived! Let us know what you think and in the meantime have a great cup of coffee!

See you soon on Maxicoffee :)



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