Descaling your Tassimo Coffee Machine

Descaling your Tassimo Coffee Machine

The dreaded light has just turned on on your Tassimo machine: it is time for a proper descaling cycle! Don’t worry, this article will explain how to descale your Bosch Tassimo machine in less than thirty minutes. Descaling is a very important task for the lifespan of your machine. Indeed, if you are not descaling your Tassimo machine correctly, limescale and other residues can damage the internal circuit of your machine, even creating leaks. You will end up cleaning your worktop after each use or having to change coffee machine.

Identifying What is Wrong with Your Tassimo Machine

First of all, make sure that your machine actually needs descaling: the indicator turns red or shows a spray icon flashing in red.

If this is the case, your Tassimo machine needs descaling! Just follow the steps below. Your machine will thank you by making delicious drinks afterwards.

Let’s take a look at how to descale your Bosch Tassimo in just a few steps.

What do I need to descale my Tassimo machine?

The Tassimo T-disc Cleaner

First of all, you will find on the side of your machine a cleaning T-disc which is to be installed instead of a pod in your machine.

There are two types of cleaning T-discs and it is important not to get confused. They are however easy to differentiate. The orange maintenance disc is for the TAS 55 range, the yellow descaling disc is for the others.

Tassimo or Compatible Descaling Tablets

Tassimo Descaling Tablets

For the second step you will need one or two descaling tablets. It is tempting to use white vinegar. We all have it at home and it is much more eco-friendly. Unfortunately, it will be too agressive as it has a tendency to damage seals. The machine will eventually stop working and will not be covered under warranty. After-sales and customer services will recognize its use.

It is recommended to use Tassimo descaling tablets or a universal descaler, available on the MaxiCoffee website.

Now you have everything you need for descaling your Tassimo machine.

Descaling your Tassimo Machine : Step by Step

  1. Remove your water tank and fill it to the level indicated by the spray icon.
  2. Add 2 descaling tablets and wait until they are completely dissolved. Then replace the water tank on the back of the machine.
  3. Open the brewing chamber and place the T-disc instead of the usual coffee pod, bar code facing down.
  4. Close the lid and place a 50cl container on the cup holder.
  5. Hold down the Start/Stop button until the automatic descaling cycle starts. The water will then run until the tank is empty. When the orange light comes on, the descaling cycle is complete. The system still needs to be rinsed.
  6. Remove the water tank and clean it by hand to remove the descaling agent residue. Refill it and place it at the back of the machine.
  7. Press the large cup button until the tank is empty. Repeat steps 4 and 5 at least 3 times. This should take about 30 minutes.
  8. When the last rinse is done, fill the water tank one last time. Place it at the back of the machine. Your machine is now ready to make delicious drinks with your Tassimo T-discs: all you have to do is enjoy them!

Now you know all the steps to easily maintain your Bosch Tassimo machine. Descaling should be carried out every 2 to 3 months, but don’t worry your machine will remind you. Check out Tassimo instructional video for more information about descaling your Tassimo machine.

Cleaning Your Tassimo Machine

descaling Tassimo machine

Descaling your machine is important for its internal circuit but for the taste of your coffee, it is advisable to carry out a more thorough cleaning.

The steps are simple: once a month, start by cleaning the detachable parts with clean water and wipe them with a soft cloth. However, do not put the parts in the dishwasher as this could damage them.

Once all the elements of your machine are put back, start the rinse cycle with the descaling T-disc with the barcode facing down. Begin the cleaning cycle by pressing the large cup icon. Once finished, fill the water tank and enjoy your clean Bosch Tassimo machine.

The Tassimo Filter Cartridge to Prevent Limescale

If you use tap water to fill the water tank of your coffee machine, you need a filter cartridge. Not only does it protect your machine from limescale, but above all it will give a neutral taste to your water and avoid altering the flavour of your coffee.

Indeed, your coffee is made up of more than 98% water. Therefore you don’t want to use water rich in chlorine and end up losing all the flavours of your coffee. This would be a shame :(

Moreover, the cartridge has a filtering power that removes a large part of the limestone. Without it, you risk having the water pipe clogged. Your machine will start leaking and this will be irreversible. This will lead to the need to buy a new machine.

How Do I Install the Filter Cartridge on my Tassimo Machine?

When you first use your machine, you can install a filter cartridge. Although it can be supplied by the manufacturer, we recommend buying one with your coffee machine.

Installing a cartridge is simple: before turning on your machine, fill the water tank and immerse the cartridge with the lid facing downwards so that the air contained in the cartridge can escape. Once the last bubble has come out, you can turn the cartridge up and install it on the slot at the bottom of the water tank. Your cartridge is ready to filter your water, it’s that easy!

If the water is having difficulties running out properly and if your machine struggles to get the water up, this means that the cartridge is not correctly installed or that there is still air inside of it. You should to check whether it is properly fitted or humidified.

When Should I Replace the Filter Cartridge in my Tassimo Machine?

The cartridge should be replaced regularly, approximately every two and a half months. Indeed, the cartridge is constantly immersed in water which enables the growth of bacteria and mould.

Most automatic machines give a signal when the cartridge needs to be changed. If this is not the case with your machine, you can indicate the month of installation on the top of your cartridges. This will make it easier to check the remaining time when you fill the water tank.

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