Coffee beans, finding the right one!

Coffee beans, finding the right one!


With so many varieties of coffee beans available, are you having trouble finding the right one for you?

Rather than giving you an endless list of tasting notes, we’re going to show you which of our coffees best suit your preferences.

Are you used to big coffee brands (Pellini, Café Royal, Lavazza, etc.), or do you prefer artisan coffees, coffee beans roasted with genuine expertise and passion? Maybe you’re particularly drawn to Italian coffee, or to organic coffee? To get things going, we’ve put together a tailored selection of coffee beans for all tastes! Which one will you choose?

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Are you a fan of big brand coffee beans?

Many of you tend to buy your coffee at the supermarket, preferring to stay loyal to your favourite brands. But what if you changed your routine ever so slightly? We’ve put together a list of our top 3 big brand coffee beans. After all, there’s nothing like breaking your habits to liven up your palate!


  • The unmissable Illy: a real favourite among our customers.
  • Pellini Coffee: the Italian brand that hits the spot ;)
  • Café Royal from Switzerland: the brand that’s right on trend!

Find more coffee beans from the biggest brands on MaxiCoffee!

Are you a fan of Italian coffee?

Do you have a weakness for strong coffees: well-rounded and full-bodied, with a touch of bitterness? Does an Italian-style espresso put a smile on your face? This list of top 3 dark roast coffees is just for you!


  • Lavazza, our customers’ choice: “This great coffee makes me rediscover my Italian roots” (Source: MaxiCoffee customer).
  • Passalacqua Coffee: coarse and powerful, with an excellent crema!
  • Lucaffé Coffee: an espresso that wouldn’t be out of place in an Italian café.

Click on the link to discover a selection of Italian coffees chosen by our experts.

Are you a fan of craft coffee beans?

Are you one of those people who wouldn’t swap their freshly roasted artisan coffee beans for  anything in the world? We get it: try it once and you’ll never go back!

So here are our top 3 craft coffee beans.


  • Cafés Lugat: delicious coffee beans roasted right here on our very own premises (not to be missed!).
  • Brûlerie Caron: chosen as the Best Roastery in France 2011.
  • Brûlerie d’Alré: a blend designed and roasted by our friends in Brittany!

If you’re feeling curious, feel free to check out all the craft coffee beans available on MaxiCoffee. The finest selection, guaranteed :-)

Are you an organic fanatic? Or do you only buy Fair Trade?

Our range of organic coffee beans is getting bigger by the day. So which blend should you choose? To kick things off, we’ve made a little selection of our favourites. Here are our top 3 coffee beans from organic and/or Fair Trade producers.


Find the full selection of organic coffees beans available on MaxiCoffee!

Are you a fan of Slow Coffee?

French press, Chemex, Hario V60, AeroPress… For those who prefer to take their time over making great coffee, here are our top 3 Slow Coffee beans.


Find all the Cafés Lugat here (you will regularly find new choices for both filter and espresso varieties).

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Are you all about flavoured coffee?

We also have this part covered in our flavoured coffee section.
Here are our top 3 flavour-infused coffee beans.


  • The perfect blend: from Les Petits Torréfacteurs (“The Small Roasters”) a Colombian coffee flavoured with chocolate (those with a sweet tooth beware!).
  • Caramel and walnut: from Les Petits Torréfacteurs, a Nicaraguan coffee flavoured with caramel and nuts (the sumptuous combination of a smooth and balanced coffee infused with indulgent caramel and a delicate nutty finish).
  • Les Petits Torréfacteurs: a Guatemalan coffee flavoured with crème brulée (not to be missed).

See all our flavoured coffees!

Big brand, artisan or organic? The choice is yours!

We hope that our selections will help you to find your perfect coffee beans. Please don’t hesitate to visit MaxiCoffee to discover our full range of coffee beans. You can narrow down your search using our carefully-chosen filters :-) And as a bonus, our selection packs containing our recommended coffees.

Happy tasting, and feel free to leave us your comments directly on MaxiCoffee!

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