Café Royal: Organic Coffee with Nespresso Professional Capsules

Café Royal: Organic Coffee with Nespresso Professional Capsules

Go Organic with Café Royal Nespresso Professional Capsules!

Over the last few years, we’ve received countless requests from you for more ethical and environmentally responsible coffees. But did you ever stop to wonder about the coffee you drink at your local restaurant? Unfortunately, many professionals take neither the time nor the measures required to serve their customers a more responsible sourced product.

Yet this is exactly what the Café Royal organic range is offering right now with their new Nespresso Professional capsules!


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The Café Royal Story

Swiss coffee experts at Café Royal offer a wide range of products. Widely recognised and well respected, they are currently Switzerland’s biggest-selling coffee brand!

What’s more, the team at Café Royal are determined to have a positive impact on the lives of those who provide their raw material.  As a premium coffee manufacturer, they oversee various initiatives such as encouraging coffee growers to diversify their activities.

But why? Quite simply, some farmers only get a few months every year to grow their coffee. So Café Royal suggests alternative activities to them, such as growing allspice or chilli peppers, in order to provide them with an additional source of income. Café Royal also invests in local infrastructure and agricultural training programmes. The aim of the training offered is to improve long-term yields while reducing costs.

These examples illustrate Café Royal’s commitment not only to the constant improvement of its products, but also to the promotion of a code of ethics that is respectful of both people and the environment.

Café Royal also stands for:

  • High quality coffee
  • Coffee that is respectful of the sustainable protection of the environment
  • Green coffee sourced from plantations that have received UTZ certification or an equivalent label
  • The promotion of recycling bags

Café Royal in numbers:

  • 75,000 tons of coffee roasted by the brand every year
  • 560: the number of coffee enthusiasts who together make up the team at Café Royal

By serving Café Royal’s products, restaurant and cafe professionals can make their own contribution to improving the wider social and environmental context.

As well as the classic pods that you already know and love, you can now buy a range of four Café Royal Pro organic capsules to use with your Nespresso® Professional machine.

These new capsules offer not just a means to attract a new clientele (i.e. those who are more sensitive to the quality of the produce they consume) but also a great way to make your business stand out above the rest.


Fairtrade coffee

By now, we’ve all become accustomed to seeing products labelled as “Fairtrade”. Although many of you will have no doubts as to what it means, the label remains somewhat vague. So allow me to summarise in a nutshell the added value that it brings:

The aim of the Fairtrade label is to change the way that trade works by promoting:

  • Better pricing
  • Decent working conditions
  • Fairer market conditions for producers and workers
  • Support for developing countries


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Organic coffee

So what does it mean then, when we talk about organic coffee? Well quite simply, it’s coffee that is grown without synthetic chemicals (in soil that has been free from any such traces for at least 5 years).

In order to create organic coffee, every step of the production process requires special attention: from planting to harvesting, processing to marketing. Moreover, under no circumstances and at no stage can the organic beans come into contact with other, non-organic coffee beans!

By banning the use of chemicals, organic farming contributes to maintaining the health of the environment, of coffee growers and of course, of coffee consumers.



Why Choose Nespresso Professional Capsules

Café Royal has chosen to make its capsules from aluminium composite film, sealed to preserve the flavour of the freshly ground coffee. These pods are compatible with the Nespresso® Professional® system (both the Zenius machines and the Gemini CS100/CS220 range).

As far as packaging is concerned, just follow this link to order your own recycling bags!

Discover the Fairtrade-certified Organic Range of Café Royal Nespresso Professional Capsules

ESPRESSO BIO (intensity 6/10): a spiced organic espresso with cinnamon notes and a roasted peanut aroma.

Café Royal Espresso BIO Nespresso pro capsulesGo to Maxicoffee



LUNGO BIO (intensity 3/10): an elegant organic coffee with delightful nutty and cocoa notes.

Café Royal Lungo BIO Nespresso pro capsulesGo to Maxicoffee



ESPRESSO FORTE BIO (intensity 8/10): a high-quality spiced espresso with fine hazelnut notes, presenting a delicious flavour and a long finish.

Café Royale Nespreso pro capsules Espresso forte organicGo to Maxicoffee



LUNGO FORTE BIO (intensity 5/10): a powerful coffee with intense roasted notes and cocoa aromas.

Café Royal Nespresso Pro Capsules Lungo Forte organicGo to Maxicoffee

So to all coffee professionals, I hope that this little article has given you some food for thought when it comes to deciding whether to offer organic products to your customers. And perhaps it may even have convinced you to try out these Café Royal Professional organic capsules.

But what if you’re just a humble coffee consumer? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you ;) You can find the Café Royal Bio range of organic, Nespresso Professional Capsules by clicking here.

Happy tasting & see you again soon ;)

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