Affogato: a vanilla and coffee recipe to enjoy hot or chilled!

Affogato: a vanilla and coffee recipe to enjoy hot or chilled!

Affogato: a traditional recipe ready in the blink of an eye!

JB, our resident Shock Barista, has dusted off the recipe for that famous old Italian classic: the Affogato, a timeless mixture of coffee and vanilla ice cream.


An Affogato is all about finding the perfect blend between the coldness of vanilla ice cream and the heat of coffee, which gently melts the ice cream until it forms a deliciously creamy, opulent froth. This original recipe is the ideal way to finish your meal on a sweet note, without needing to worry about your calorie intake  :)


1 person


2 minutes


Ingredients :



  1. Make your espresso
  2. Put a generous scoop of ice cream into your glass
  3. Pour the espresso over the ice cream
  4. Add a few bits of pecan nuts
  5. That’s all! Enjoy your Affogato!

A simple recipe that requires so few ingredients, once you try it, we bet you’ll want to wow your loved ones with a delicious Affogato at the end of your dinner parties!

The perfect dessert for summer evenings.

The advantage of this recipe is that, by using your imagination, you can come up with endless variations! You can make it using flavoured coffee, add biscuits, double the quantity of ice cream… Be creative: you’re the boss!


Recette Affogato

Affogato recipe


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